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Purgo EnviroTech


Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Company Overview

Purgo EnviroTech is a manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) water, air and surface disinfection equipment. We are located in the city of Surrey, a rapidly growing suburb of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics. This pristine location makes one realize how precious our natural landscape is and how important it is that we all do our best to maintain a healthy environment in our global community.

Purgo EnviroTech conducts research, developments and manufactures robust, leading edge, UV Treatment Systems for a multitude of global markets. We continually seek out new applications for our UV technologies and equipment to enhance our market diversity and grow our market share.

As our global market share increases, we aim to establish a more localized presence with the addition of Purgo EnviroTech Sales and Service Representatives. This will enable us to interface more directly with our clients and keep abreast of local installation and regulatory issues.

Purgo EnviroTech has been developing technologies and engineering products for various North American clients and industries since its inception. Its interest in Ultraviolet Disinfection spawned over twenty years ago when an company requested design assistance with one of their ultraviolet water disinfection products for the aviation industry. The opportunities in the field of UV treatment technology peaked our interest and led to the focusing of our Marketing and Research and Development efforts on the many facets of UV treatment technology.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your ultraviolet disinfection or treatment application. Thank you for visiting our site.



To help clean and protect the air and waters of our planet by manufacturing and supplying soundly engineered, environmentally friendly, Ultraviolet Treatment Systems while assuring high standards of quality, value and customer support.

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