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SafeAir™ Air Treatment UV Systems



The SafeAir series of ultraviolet air treatment systems de-contaminate air through disinfection and/or oxidation processes, depending on the type of contaminant present in the airstream. Airborne microorganisms, molds, viruses, volatile organic compounds and odour causing gases can be eliminated or reduced as required. The System can be factory configured for recirculation or direct venting of the air stream.

Applications of the SafeAir systems range from industrial, commercial and agricultural pollution and odour control to disinfection in the health sectors. Some specific applications include the control of odours from sewers, restaurants, dairy, poultry and swine operations and reducing the risk of hospital airborne contaminants.






  • Food manufacturing, processing and packaging
  • Meat, poultry and fish processing and packaging
  • Restaurant kitchens and cruise ship galleys
  • Office buildings, schools, and hotels
  • Sports facilities, gymnasiums, change rooms
  • Hospitals, medical clinics and offices
  • Veternarian offices and kennels
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants


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