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UV-Xtender Amalgam Lamps




Why Amalgam UV Lamps?

All of Purgo EnviroTech's (PET) Ultraviolet Treatment Systems employ Amalgam lamps exclusively. Our high performance UV-Xtender™ Amalgam lamps are strong performers in the three key areas of 254nm UVC output, lamp efficiency and lamp life.Lamp Life

Our UV-Xtender™ amalgam lamps produce over 400% more 254nm UVC output than conventional low pressure UV lamps while maintaining a superior lamp efficiency. The operating life of our UV-Xtender™ lamps is up to 16,000 hours, depending on factors such as lamp operating conditions, number of daily on/off cycles and the duration of the off period. This is 3 to 4 times that of typical medium pressure lamps and almost twice that of standard low pressure lamps. This long lamp life reduces UV System downtime and lamp replacement labour associated with standard low pressure lamps by up to 50%. Similarly, the downtime associated with medium pressure systems is 3 to 4 times that of our amalgam systems.

Our confidence in our UV-Xtender™ amalgam lamps is shown by our willingness to provide a 12,000 hours lamp life Warranty, subject to certain terms and conditions that are presented in the PET Warranty.

UV-Xtender Amalgam Versus Medium Pressure

Low Pressure Output

Amalgam lamps have several other advantages over medium pressure UV lamps. Any interruption of water flow in a medium pressure UV system can lead to drastic overheating because medium pressure lamps operate at up to 900°C while amalgam lamps operate at only 100°C. Quartz sleeve fouling is more prevalent in medium pressure systems due to the higher UV density and lamp temperature. Therefore, more frequent sleeve cleaning is required. A lamp failure in an amalgam, multilamp system is much less significant as compared to a medium pressure system where a single lamp failure can reduce the UV Fluence level by 50% in a two lamp unit.

The efficiency of medium pressure lamps is typically only 15% while our UV-Xtender™ amalgam lamps provide an efficiency of at least 35%. Therefore, the electrical power consumption and heat generated by the PET amalgam lamp system is far less than a medium pressure. The The UVC radiation field density of Purgo EnviroTech's amalgam lamp Systems is also more uniform than medium pressure systems due to the higher number of lamps presented to the water flow. Considering all these factors, the overall system efficacy of PET's amalgam lamp systems is far superior to that of medium pressure. Medium Pressure Output

All low pressure and amalgam UV lamps are called monochromatic because 85% of their spectral output is at 254 nanometers (nm). In contrast, medium pressure lamps are called polychromatic because they produce multiple wavelengths. See the two graphical representations of the lamps at the right. The monochromatic feature is what makes our UV-Xtender™ lamp so much more efficient than the medium pressure lamp. The additional longer wavelengths produced by the medium pressure lamps often create algae growth problems in installations.

UV-Xtender Amalgam Versus Standard Low Pressure

When comparing standard low pressure lamp UV equipment with our UV-Xtender™ amalgam lamp equipment, one realizes that there is a 400% reduction in the number of lamps, sleeves and associated hardware, both electrical and mechanical. This presents a significant size reduction in the equipment and installed footprint. This also correlates with a four fold reduction in associated maintenance labour.

UV-Xtender™ Amalgam Lamp Operation

Our amalgam lamps utilize a "pre-heat" feature whereby our Hi-E™ electronic ballast heat the lamp's cathodes prior to ramping up the lamp voltage and striking the arc. This feature minimizes the erosion of the cathodes that is associated with instant start lamps, thereby lengthening the operating life of the lamp.

Since our amalgam lamp operates at about 100°C, minimal UVC output variation is experienced with changes in ambient temperature. This is in contrast to that of standard low pressure lamps that operate at only 40°C and are very susceptible to output variation with changes in ambient temperature.

The UV-Xtender™ amalgam lamp output does not drop below 80% of its initial output level during the first 12,000 hours of operation. This factor eliminates the significant over-sizing associated with typical standard low pressure lamp UV systems that degrade to typically 60% of their initial output level within just 8,000 to 9,000 hours.

Addressing Environmental Concerns with Amalgam Lamps

The PET UV-Xtender™ lamp is doped with a mercury indium amalgam. This is viewed as a solid, PETver coloured material, located about 30cm from each end of the lamp, on the inner wall of the quartz. Due to the solid nature of the mercury amalgam material, recycling of amalgam lamps UV lamps is far easier than standard low pressure UV lamps that contain liquid mercury. A much higher health hazard exists with liquid mercury than an amalgam because the liquid mercury eaPETy vapourizes and can be inhaled.


(For complete Warranty details on the UV-Xtender™ lamps, please click on the "Contact" link at the top of the page and submit your request. Thank you.

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